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The Tennessee Electronic Library's website for grades Pre-K‐5 provides a safe place for kids to go online for educational and fun websites.

Audience: Children, Elementary School is the Tennessee Electronic Library’s website for Tennessee’s youngest learners. The website has been updated with a new look, new resources and a new computer/coding section. As more students are learning on the go from phones, tablets and computers, this site is easy to use! Whether you are at the library, at school or at home, you can always find great info, fun and games on

TEL4U provides excellent, educational resources like World Book and Gale in Context: Elementary from the Tennessee Electronic Library. You can find additional resources for learning from great educational institutions like the Smithsonian or even the Old Farmer’s Almanac. There's a Coding Club section with websites to practice and learn about computers and coding for our youngest students.


TEL4U has a new look, new resources and a new computer/coding section!

In the fourth “Lunch and TEL” webinar, we discussed TEL4U, a website through TEL where kids can safely access games, information, eBooks…

Watch a short video from the "How Can TEL Help" series on how to help elementary schoolers get ideas for science projects!

TEL is a hub for learning about Tennessee, no matter your age.

Newspaper resources such as the Memphis Commercial Appeal,…