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Gale K12 Ebooks is a collection of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research for elementary, middle and high school. These eBooks are available 24/7 with no checkout.

Audience: Elementary School, Middle School, High School

Titles can be browsed, searched and downloaded anytime from any Internet-connected device. The eBooks you can access are digitally reproduced from trusted, authoritative reference works from Gale. 

On the homepage, you will find the following options for beginning your research:

  • Basic Search
  • Browse by eBook
  • Browse By Subject
  • Advanced Search & Subject Search

Some of the tools available in the Gale Ebooks include:

  • Citation Tools: Gale will generate the citation within the product, simply select the citation needed (e.g.: APA, MLA, etc.) to open an html version to copy and paste into a citation or bibliography page.
  • Email: Send the document via email; customize the email by including the senders email address and a message.
  • Download: Download and save the open document to a memory stick, desktop, CD, zip drive, etc.
  • Print: Print the open document to a local printer.
  • Highlights & Notes: Displays the passages highlighted within the text and notes you’ve added to the document.
  • Save: Move the open document into a folder, available during the session, to save documents needed for your research. You may print, e-mail, cite, or download these documents in a batch – great time saver!
  • Download MP3: Download an MP3 file of the article that can be read aloud through the listen tool
  • Translate: Translate the open document into many different languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic and many more. Please note that this is a machine translation


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