TEL4U - Training Materials

Alt for Exploring TEL4U and its Resources for Kids

In the fourth “Lunch and TEL” webinar, we discussed TEL4U, a website through TEL where kids can safely access games, information, eBooks, and more.

An exciting update: TEL4U now has 22 eBooks covering topics around coding and digital readiness! These can be found in TEL4U’s comprehensive “coding club” section.

In case you missed this webinar, here is a recording. Here is a slide deck with speaker notes. Feel free to use or modify this for your own trainings on TEL4U!

Here is a scavenger hunt with questions meant to help your students explore the databases in TEL4U.

There are five weeks of pre-made social media posts and suggested captions about TEL4U. Feel free to use these on your own account!

We’ve made a short video introducing TEL4U, where to find it, and what it contains.

All of these supplemental materials, including those from previous Lunch and TEL webinars, can be found here.