Creating an Account on Peterson's Test and Career Prep

Gale Presents - Peterson's Test and Career Prep

The ACTsare coming up! This spring, the ACTs are offered three times: April 2, June 11, and July 16. The registration deadlines for each are March 11, May 20, and June 24.

Peterson’s Test and Career Prep has eleven full-length ACT practice tests to help you study. In addition, there is an ACT Online Course and an ACT Prep Guide eBook. Each includes four practice tests.

This resourcecan be found in the green “test prep” link on the home page of TEL. Once there, the ACT practice tests can be found by going to “Improve Your Score, “College Prep," and “ACT.”

There is also a helpful page under the “Articles” tab on the ACT home page with tips and strategies for taking the ACT. (Don’t cram the night beforehand!)

Peterson’s Test and Career Prep requires you to sign in. Here is a short video with instructions on how to createan account on Peterson's.It is recommended to do thisbefore you start exploring the website.