2020 Tennessee Student Mock Election


In 2016, the Secretary of State’s office conducted the first-ever statewide Tennessee Student Mock Election. Your school may have even participated in that mock election and it was a joy to see students across Tennessee excited about voting and engaging in the electoral process. We hope it was a memorable experience that they will take with them as future voters and leaders of our great state. We are conducting another Student Mock Election this fall for the 2020 Presidential Election. We hope this will again be a chance for your students to learn more about the voting process and the importance of participating.

The Secretary of State'soffice is also conducting theirannual Civics Essay Contest, where students have the opportunity to earn scholarship money. Eligible students aged sixteen or older will be asked to work as a Poll Official in their county on Election Day and submit an essay on their experience and the importance of performing our civic duty by November 25, 2020. Please find more information about the Civics Essay Contest on our website at sos.tn.gov/civics.

In order to assist schools in incorporating the mock election into the classroom,lesson plans and activitieshave beencreated by Tennessee teachers. You will also find all of these resources and more information about these opportunities, including how to sign up to participate in the Student Mock Election atsos.tn.gov/civics.

Additional TEL Resources about the election:

If you have any questions regarding the Student Mock Election or Civics Essay Contest, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretary of State’s Civic Engagement Coordinator Brad Parkerat (615) 532-0824 or Brad.Parker@tn.gov.