New Resume Writing Tool added to TEL


A new resume tool within Testing and Education Reference Center (TERC)is now available through a partnership with VisualCV, a well-established consumer service for facilitating the creation of resumes and cover letters. Through this integration of VisualCV Resume Creator, TERC users now gain access to:

  • 18 default templates for creating well-designed resumes, with additional textual examples provided by industry and experience level
  • Various editing options, including a text-based form editor, a visual editor, and the ability to upload existing resumes
  • A cover letter editor, which includes three sample templates
  • A website editor, which lets users quickly create a website for their resume that can be shared with potential employers
  • An external library of 5,000 resume examples across varied industries

The current Resume Builder and new VisualCV Resume Creator will both remain available in TERC for a transition period. A notification will be added in TERC to advise when the Resume Builder will be removed in order to give time for patrons to save existing resume information or import a previous resume into the new resume writing tool. Further information on timeline will be forthcoming from Gale.

Go to Testing & Education Reference Center

(if you don’t have a TERC account, you will have to create one)

  1. Navigate to the College Prep menu
  2. Choose Resume Writing from the dropdown menu
  3. Choose VisualCV Resume Creator
  4. Create a new resume or import from a template