Enhancements to TEL article and K-12 databases


On July 26th, many of TEL’s databases are getting an updated look and name. Some of the databases being upgraded include Research in Context, Student Resources in Context, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Academic OneFile, General OneFile, Infotrac NewsStand and any Gale database ending in Collection (Agriculture Collection to World History Collection). These changes are to improve user experience and accessibility as users go from database to database. Some databases are scheduled to be enhanced over the next year and more information will be found here as those databases are scheduled for improvements.

We are excited for the enhancements to improve:

Visual Accessibility

  • New page colors to improve visual accessibility
  • Text size options are included on each page
  • Header size is reduced to allow for more content on the screen view and to improve the mobile view

Research Tools

  • Tool bars will begin appearing on every page for greater ease of use and to allow for expanded article content in the first screen on mobile devices
  • Explorer will be more visible on the right side of the screen, making it easier for users to find more resources on similar topics
  • Expanded visibility for Author, Content and Source information for each article
  • Topic Finder now available on all databases


All databases will have new icons but only 43 of the 52 have a new name.


Current Gale Database

July 2019 Name Changes

Gale PowerSearch

Gale Power Search

Academic OneFile

Gale Academic OneFile

Agriculture Collection

Gale OneFile: Agriculture

Books & Authors


Business Collection

Gale OneFile: Business

Business Economics and Theory

Gale OneFile: Economics and Theory

Business Insights: Essentials

Business Insights: Essentials

Career Transitions


Communications and Mass Media Collection

Gale OneFile: Communications and Mass Media

Criminal Justice Collection

Gale OneFile: Criminal Justice

Culinary Arts Collection

Gale OneFile: Culinary Arts

Diversity Studies Collection

Gale OneFile: Diversity Studies

Educators Reference Complete

Gale OneFile: Educator's Reference Complete

Environmental Studies and Policy Collection

Gale OneFile: Environmental Studies and Policy

Fine Arts and Music Collection

Gale OneFile: Fine Arts

Gale Literary Sources


Gale Virtual Reference Library

Gale Ebooks

Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection

Gale OneFile: Gardening and Horticulture

Gender Studies Collection

Gale OneFile: Gender Studies

General OneFile

Gale General OneFile

General Science Collection

Gale OneFile: Science

Health Reference Center Academic

Gale OneFile: Health and Medicine

Health and Wellness Resource Center

Gale Health and Wellness

Home Improvement Collection

Gale OneFile: Home Improvement

Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection

Gale OneFile: Hospitality and Tourism

InfoTrac Newsstand

Gale OneFile: News

Information Science and Library Issues Collection

Gale OneFile: Information Science

Informe Académico

Gale OneFile: Informe Académico

Insurance and Liability Collection

Gale OneFile: Insurance and Liability

Kids InfoBits




Literature Resource Center


Military and Intelligence Database

Gale OneFile: Military and Intelligence

Nursing and Allied Health Collection

Gale OneFile: Nursing and Allied Health

Opposing Viewpoints In Context

Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Collection

Gale OneFile: Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Pop Culture Collection

Gale OneFile: Pop Culture Studies

Popular Magazines

Gale OneFile: Popular Magazines

Professional Collection

Gale OneFile: Leadership and Management

Psychology Collection

Gale OneFile: Psychology

Religion and Philosophy Collection

Gale OneFile: Religion and Philosophy

Research In Context

Gale In Context: Middle School

Scribner Writers Online


Small Business Collection

Gale OneFile: Entrepreneurship

Small Business Resource Center

Gale Business: Entrepreneurship

Student Resources In Context

Gale In Context: High School

Testing & Education Reference Center


Twayne's Authors Series


U.S. History Collection

Gale OneFile: U.S. History

Vocations and Careers Collection

Gale OneFile: Vocations and Careers

War and Terrorism Collection

Gale OneFile: War and Terrorism

World History Collection

Gale OneFile: World History