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On June 20th, the ability to search across collections wasrestored.

Currently we are experiencing issues with being able to search across multiple collections of Tennessee Records. You may see an error message that state "Whoops, no search form! Please refresh the page to try again." We are working on getting that fixed as soon as possible.


In the meantime, you can click on the direct link to a specific collectionjust below that "Whoops" message and you will be able search for records within that collection.

  • Tennessee, Delayed Birth Records, 1869-1909
  • Tennessee, Death Records, 1908-1958
  • Tennessee, City Birth Records, 1881-1915
  • North Carolina and Tennessee, Early Land Records, 1753-1931
  • Tennessee, Early Tax List Records, 1783-1895
  • Tennessee, Enumeration of Male Voters, 1891
  • North Carolina and Tennessee, Revolutionary War Land Warrants, 1783-1843
  • Tennessee, Early Land Registers, 1778-1927
  • Tennessee, City Death Records, 1872-1923
  • Tennessee, Wills and Probate Records, 1779-2008
  • Web: Tennessee, Supreme Court Case Index, 1809-1950