Learn how to say “hello” in Polish, Urdu, Swahili, and more with TEL!


[Originally posted on theTennessee State Library and Archives Blogon 3/5/2019.]

Did you know that everyone in the state of Tennessee has access to a language learning program that includes more than 100 different languages? Through theTennessee Electronic Library(TEL), you can sign up for a free Transparent Language Online account and start learning a new language! Not only can you take lessons in French, Spanish and Chinese, but you can also learn languages that are less commonly taught like Balinese and Denesuline. There is even an Introduction to Latin Vocabulary and Introduction to Latin Grammar that are similar in content as a first-year Latin course.

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Did you know you could take an American Citizenship Test Prep course through TEL? Created with the input of ESL professionals and public librarians, Transparent Language Online’s American Citizenship Test Prep course is designed with the goal of preparing test takers to comfortably answer all 100 civics questions. More than that, the course is intended to truly teach learners about the American government, history, and culture, including key vocabulary words.

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Transparent Language Online is always adding new lessons includingAdvanced Conversations in English. These courses are the most advanced materials among our English offerings. They were created for high-intermediate to advanced English learners—both students and professionals—who are interested in business and medical topics and want to work with more complex texts, speech patterns, and cultural nuances. Advanced Conversations in English contains 16 hours of study (16 topical units) covering three main topics: medical, finance, and sales and marketing.

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Transparent Language Online also has lessons for kids! There are 6 courses for children to start learning new languages! Kids can start learning Spanish, French, German, English, Chinese and Italian. Designed for ages 6 and up, the program teaches words and phrases suitable for learners’ age, needs, and interests. More than 40 activities, puzzles, and songs guide learners through the basics, along with a cartoon “friend” who speaks the language.Here is how to access the KidSpeak languages.

How do I start using Transparent Language Online?Go to Transparent Language Online on TELto start learning a new language! Sign up for a free account. Start practicing from your phone, computer or tablet today!

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