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October 25, 2018
Image of Nashville Tennessean on April 5, 1968

The Tennessee State Library and Archives is pleased to announce that Tennesseans will have free online access to the full run of The Tennessean (1812 to today) through the Tennessean Electronic Library (TEL). 

Previously, Tennesseans were only able to access full-text articles from The Tennessean back to 2002. With the addition of the historical Tennessean, Tennessee residents will be able to search and view news articles, photos, advertisements, classified ads, obituaries and cartoons from 1812 to 2002.  The Tennessean began in publication 1907 but this service includes earlier titles such as the Nashville Whig and the Daily American. These papers reported not only Nashville-area news, but carried stories from around the state and the nation.

Tennessean Databases Selected

The Nashville Tennessean (1812-2002)

  • Every issue includes the complete paper, cover-to-cover, with full-page and article images in easily downloadable PDF format. 

The Tennessean (2002 - Present)

  • Full-text articles from The Tennessean newspaper. Does not include scans of the physical newspaper.