Updates to Gale Virtual Reference Library


Enhanced book viewer – a new and improved cover-to-cover book viewer has replaced the Flash-based viewer, increasing browser compatibility and supporting use of the book view on all mobile devices.

K-6 support – Libraries have the option to set the cover-to-cover book view as the default view, making it simpler for younger users to get into a book and immediately start reading. Libraries can also choose whether to default this view to a 1- or 2-page spread.

Topic Finder – the addition of Topic Finder to Gale eBooks on GVRL helps users narrow their research and offers a visual way to explore their library’s eBook collection.

Other updates:

  • recommended articles – “More Like This” suggestions help users continue to find relevant content once they are in an article, supporting their exploration of the topic
  • improved search – updates to the search formula increase the relevancy of results and emphasize the most important elements, letting users quickly find what they need
  • updated MARC records – eBook MARC records will utilize direct linking, helping users get into a book more quickly from your library’s catalog (currently they are taken to the “About this Publication” page; GVRL will now take them to the book’s Table of Contents).1

1 MARC records must be reloaded to incorporate the new and improved URLs.